The backstory of PTE

Some time ago, after too many days in a row working from home, I decided to explore the tech scene in Philly, but had trouble finding it.

Sure, there were a few different organizations that were operating in the ecosystem, but none of them spoke to me directly. I consider myself an entrepreneur, but I don’t necessarily run a startup. I am not looking to raise millions of dollars, and my entire team is based in Eastern-Europe.

I wasn’t sure where I fit in, but I knew I wasn’t alone.

That’s when I came across Philly Tech entrepreneurs…

Who we are

Philly Tech Entrepreneurs was originally a Meetup Group with over 400 members that went defunct during the pandemic. I decided to bring it back.

It’s a diverse community filled with entrepreneurial people in tech. I say entrepreneurial because not everyone runs their own business. Some individuals are in the services industry like lawyers and consultants. Some people work a traditional 9-5 and maybe have a side project. Some people are looking for work opportunities.

But everyone lives in the Philly area. Everyone is interested in growing personally and professionally. Everyone is enthusiastic about the local tech scene and how we can make it more vibrant.

Monthly networking events

Get out and connect with other Philly tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs

Lively Slack community

Members are posting to validate ideas, seek talent, advice, and discuss the latest in tech

Weekly member podcast

Featuring interviews with our community members on tech and business topics

What it means to be a member

PTE is an unofficial organization. There is nothing at the moment that officially constitutes being a member. There are no member dues or requirements. We’re simply looking to connect like-minded, energetic tech entrepreneurs.

Most of our events have been free, and a few have been ticketed. The proceeds from these sales go directly into funding and growing PTE, like creating this beautiful website (courtesy of one of our community members – Scott Foster)

Meet Dave

PTE isn’t really about me, but sure, people often wonder ‘Who I am?’

My name’s Dave. I’m an entrepreneur, living in Grad Hospital with my wife and two daughters. I moved to Philly 5 years ago, after spending equally as many years as a digital nomad, traveling the world and running online businesses.

These days, I run an inbound marketing agency at, I attend most of our events and usually try to welcome new faces.

If we haven’t met yet, join our Slack, post an intro, and I’ll be in touch!

PTE mission

Recent data from Campus Philly indicates that Philly has made substantial progress in retaining students and young talent post college.

INevertheless, there are still improvements that can be made.

I believe fostering entrepreneurship is a pathway to retaining top talent. More entrepreneurs means more companies, and more companies means more opportunities for smart people.

As I think about my daughters (currently 1 and 3) I see it as one of my personal missions to contribute to the Philadelphia Tech Ecosystem in the hopes that one day they might find the opportunities here that otherwise would have led them to moving to San Francisco.

While they have a long way to go before having to make this decision, I believe the time is now to launch this project.

The future and how to get involved

That depends on you, and everyone else who seeks to get involved.

We have ideas for different styles of events (workshops, panels, speakers, themed events), as well as ways to engage with the Slack community.

I hope you’ll join us – it’s a friendly group and there’s no need to be shy.